Welcome The Steve Durkin Sandstone Trust Website

These few pages are here to inform you about the work and purpose of the trust and also to encourage you to get involved.

The trust was formed in 2011 with the purpose of generating a fund that could be used to maintain both the condition of and access to the Wealden Sandstone outcrops of Kent and Sussex, colloquially known as “Southern Sandstone” after the Climbers’ Club guides that describe the area.

The trust is funded 100% by donation and fundraising and is likely to remain that way. As an individual you may wish to contribute by an occasional donation, by a regular donation (Standing order) or by allotting part or all of the proceeds from a fund raising event to the Trust. As an example, the Tunbridge Wells Mountaineering Club’s recent film evening was a free viewing, attendees being asked for a donation to the SDST. Sponsored events (not sponsored climbing events on the crags!) are one way in which the Trust could benefit from your efforts. The Trust has an operational bank account into which funds can be transferred (please let the treasurer know so that full records can be kept) and we have a ‘just giving’ account for clear and uncomplicated details for sponsored events and the like.

Judy-6cSandstone Bulletin – This is an occasional publication the trust plans to publish to make climbers aware of the current issues, projects, fund-raising events and such like. The first issue was published in February 2012 and is available from local climbing shops and climbing walls or downloadable here.

Recent and regular donations have been received from:

  • Paul Robertson
  • Tim Skinner
  • Graham Adcock
  • Andy Meyers
  • Nuts4Climbing
  • Rob Naylor
  • East Grinstead Climbing Club
  • Malcolm McPherson – proceeds from a climbing and cycling event
  • ‘Old Farts’ Christmas Barbecue – from Nuts4Climbing

Contact us by email:-  admin@sdst.org.uk

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……..Thank you all!