Crag Access

At present free and uncontrolled access is only certain at a few outcrops. The majority are on land over which there is some restriction.

In 2010, the BMC finally took over the guardianship of Harrison’s Rocks having been purchased by a group of six climbers in the 1960’s to ensure that climbers would always have access to the rocks. Stone Farm Rocks is also owned by the BMC. Both of these outcrops are on Open Access Land – designated that way by the BMC.

Other outcrops such as Bassett’s Farm, Under Rockes, Ramslye Farm are on land where ownership is not known and climbing continues quietly and somewhat discretely.

Outcrops such as Bull’s Hollow, Happy Valley Rocks and Toad (Denny Bottom) Rocks are on ‘common land’ administered by the Tunbridge Wells Commons Conservators –

Eridge Rocks and the High Rocks continuation are owned by the Sussex Wildlife Trust and the Woodland Trust respectively. We have an agreement with the SWT at Eridge but no such agreement has been reached with the WT and any climbing at the HRC is essentially banned.

The High Rocks Annexe is owned by the residents of the Bungalow above the outcrop in Tea Garden Lane where a courtesy call is all that is needed.

Bowles Rocks and High Rocks are somewhat unique in as much as climbers pay to climb there. Access to Bowles is by arrangement with the management and High Rocks, at times, by the skin of our teeth!